Sleep Coaching

I work with families across Canada in person or virtually, helping babies and toddlers get the healthy sleep they need and deserve to thrive in life. As a certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant I have the knowledge, tools and experience to get your family’s sleep where you want it to be.

Let's Talk

It is important that we both feel working together is a good fit. I always recommend we start with a free phone consultation to discuss where your child is currently at, what your sleep goals are for them, and how I can help get them there. Click here to schedule yours.

My Promise

The Sleeping Baby will provide your family with personal, customized one-on-one sleep coaching to reach the sleep goal established for your child. All sleep plans are made with tender, love, and care. No question will go unanswered; you will be guided step by step. As we work together you will come to understand your child’s sleep in a new way that will guide you through the future.